Warriors sign Deyonta Davis to provide short-term big man depth

Getty Images

DeMarcus Cousins is making progress, played some full-court 2-on-2 on Thursday and is moving well. That doesn’t mean Cousins will be back on the court anytime soon, the Warriors are still going to take it very slowly with him.

Which means they are still looking for some big man depth in the short term, which is why they signed it Deyonta Davis Thursday.

This is an Exhibit 10 contract, which means Davis will almost certainly not make the team but does get a $50,000 bonus if he then goes to the Warriors’ G-League team. Golden State also could convert Davis’ contract to a two-way deal. Either way, it’s just some big man insurance in the pipeline. Right now the Warriors can run out Jordan Bell, Damian Jones, Draymond Green, or Kevon Looney as the big in the middle, and that likely is enough. Davis provides a little more cushion.

Cherry will sign in the G-League.