LeBron James: ‘My 14- and 11-year-olds drink wine’

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

LeBron James loves wine.

And he says he shares with his sons, LeBron Jr. and Bryce.



I’ve got very mature 14- and 11-year-olds. My 14- and 11-year-olds drink wine.

That’s how mature they are. They’ll be driving next week, too.

Whatever dad and mom’s having. Put it on me, though. Don’t put it on mom. Put it on dad. Put it on dad.

LeBron is obviously exaggerating about his sons driving next week. Is he exaggerating about their wine drinking? Maybe, maybe not.

But if LeBron wants to expose his sons to wine in moderation, that’s fine by me. Parents should have substantial freedom to raise their children as they see fit.