Stephen Curry gets technical, Steve Kerr then ejected in Warriors preseason game

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What is with all the preseason ejections? First, it was Markieff Morris down in Washington (that one seemed like a quick trigger by the ref). Then Boston’s Marcus Smart earned his ejection — and the fine from the league that came later — for trying to fight J.R. Smith.

Now it’s Steve Kerr’s turn.

Nine seconds into the second half Monday night, Stephen Curry picked up a technical foul for protesting a freedom of movement foul where he set a screen and held up the defender (it was Curry’s third offensive foul of the game, but by the tight strictures the league is using on those calls in the preseason, it was a foul). Steve Kerr walked out on the court to express his displeasure with the call (to put it mildly) and he got tossed for doing so.

The Warriors players loved it. Here’s what they said, via Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area.

“I love it,” Curry said.

“It was cool,” Quinn Cook said.

“It was a good reason,” Damian Jones said.

Kerr will get tossed a few times this season in games that matter, too, because he’s got to find a way to light a fire under the two-time defending champions, a team that gets bored at points during the regular season. He may let his players coach the team in huddles again. Whatever it takes.

And it’s never too early for Kerr to make his points, even if it’s a meaningless preseason game (which the Suns ultimately won).