Stephen Curry says yes, the Warriors do talk about three-peat

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Of course they do. Does anyone think the Golden State Warriors shouldn’t be thinking about and discussing a three-peat, and winning four titles in five years?

It’s how they talk about it — as destined or as a goal — that matters. The Warriors are talking about a three-peat as a goal, but an attainable one, Stephen Curry told Nick Friedell of ESPN.

“We talk about the three-peat just because it’s in front of us,” Curry said. “I don’t think that’s something that’s repeated every single day. But when we start the season, obviously we lay everything out on the table, what’s at stake in terms of our expectations….

“Yes, winning a championship is the goal,” Curry said. “How you get there and how you kind of break up that mission on a day-to-day, game-by-game, month-by-month basis is what makes us, I think, great. In terms of encouraging each other, being in tune with some of the things that might be thrown at you, whether it’s injuries, whether it’s a couple slumps on the court, playing-wise whatever the case is, we adapt really well and we don’t stay down for too long.

“In terms of the overall goal, it just depends on the day in terms of how we communicate it. But yeah, we understand that winning a championship is attainable if we take care of our business, and doing it three years in a row is a tremendous opportunity for us that we should not be afraid to talk about and go after.”

There will be obstacles in the Warriors’ way. Complacency may be at the top of the list. Injuries, of course, are a threat to every team. Then there is Boston and Houston, the two teams most capable of dethroning the Warriors. A lot of things can trip Golden State up along the way.

But if they stay healthy and focused, they will set the bar. And it’s hard to see another team clearing it this season.

So yes, the Warriors should talk about it.