Kings coach Dave Joerger says he might play ‘four 7s group’ again

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In their preseason opener, the Kings used a lineup with four players on the power forward-center spectrum:

The unit play just about a minute to open the second quarter and got outscored 3-0, and it was just the preseason. But still! That’s an eye-popping lineup in nearly any circumstance.

Sacramento coach Dave Joerger calls it the “four 7s group” and indicated it’d see more playing time.

Joerger, via James Ham of NBC Sports California:

“Well, I’m trying to get a lot of those guys developed in game-play minutes, and it can be a challenge,” Joerger said following practice Wednesday. “It’s something we’ll mess around with a little bit, and it definitely caught some people’s attention.”

Joerger said he’s willing to try it again in the preseason as he looks to get as many minutes for his young core as possible.

Play it in the regular season! It might be the most interesting part of the Kings’ year.