Report: NBA would ban Kanye West’s basketball shoe

Randy Brooke/Getty Images
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The best thing that ever happened to Michael Jordan’s shoe line was the NBA banning one of his shoes. That allowed him to market the Nike Air Jordan 1 as something forbidden, which made it only more alluring.

Kanye West’s new basketball shoe could get a similar boost.

Nick DePaula of ESPN:

Kanye West is expected to debut his first-ever Yeezy basketball sneaker on the feet of Adidas athletes during the upcoming NBA season. But the league office would ban the current version of the sneaker on court because of its gleaming, reflective-material heel, according to industry sources.

While the league office has yet to receive and formally review the new Yeezy basketball shoe in person, the version shared online by West would not be permitted on court as is, according to a source. Alternative versions of the sneaker that don’t incorporate the reflective material would likely be approved.

The NBA has to take this stance. That’s way too shiny and distracting.

But, at this point, West shouldn’t produce an alternative version. It wouldn’t look nearly as cool without the reflective material, and it’ll gain much more intrigue while remaining banned.