Markieff Morris: Celtics have never been better than Wizards

Elsa/Getty Images

The Wizards’ results in their three seasons with Markieff Morris:

  • 41-41, missed playoffs
  • 49-33, lost second round (to the Celtics)
  • 43-39, lost first round

Boston’s results in the same span:

  • 48-34, lost first round
  • 53-29, lost conference finals
  • 55-27, lost conference finals

But Morris is staying right on brand.

Morris, via NBC Sports Washington:

Boston has never been better than us. The record shows, but internally, we don’t think they were better than us last year. But we’ve just got to play up to our ability, and we’re better than anybody in the East.

These types of (absurd) public proclamations could be motivating. If this helps the Wizards, more power to them.

But they keep saying things like this and fizzling on the court. It’s hard to believe this is working for them.