Kyrie Irving on free agency: ‘Why would I want to leave (Boston)?’

Getty Images

All season long, Kyrie Irving‘s free agency future next summer will be a source of speculation. It’s the way of today’s NBA, rumors of player movement — legitimate or not — draw far, far more interest than the games themselves. Irving is a top 15 NBA player (and that might be too low, his health holds him back a little) who could help a lot of teams — we know the Knicks want to target him — meaning his agent is going to get a lot of teams reaching out.

But the sense around the league is unless things really go sideways in Boston this season — which is unlikely — Irving will stay put. And he pretty much said the same thing a lot the last few days. For example, on the Toucher and Rich Show on The Sports Hub 98.5 in Boston.

Irving had similar sentiments when sitting down with NBC Sports Boston on media day Monday.

“It’s like, man, if you only knew how special this organization was, and how special these guys are in this locker room… even if I had the inclination to test free agency, Boston’s gonna be like, ‘No, you’re coming back’. And I’m fine with that”

Never say never with the NBA, and remember this is the same Kyrie Irving who demanded a trade to get away from LeBron James. Unpredictable, wild player movement is the norm lately with the league (and that draws fans). However, right now, Boston seems comfortably ahead in the Irving free agency chase, and if this team plays and wins like it’s expected too, it’s hard to imagine any team catching them.