Draymond Green is now DeMarcus Cousins’ pool boy (VIDEO)


Are things going well for DeMarcus Cousins in the Bay Area? He has new teammates now that he is a member of the Golden State Warriors, and it appears that Cousins is getting along with them quite nicely.

In fact, one teammate seems to be so concerned with Cousins and his fragile physical state that he offered to help clean his pool for him.

That teammate? Draymond Green.

In videos posted to Cousins’ Instagram story this week, Green could be seen helping to skim bugs and other riff-raff out of his friend’s pool. Why the two were doing this isn’t really clear, but it’s the kind of heartening thing you hope to see between new teammates.

Cousins likely won’t be back until the playoffs this year, and it’s even less likely that he will return to the Warriors next season. This is a chance for Cousins to grab some playoff experience — the first of his career — and to earn the big pay day that he’s been hoping for

In the meantime, recovery is a long road and it’s nice of Green to help him out (or something.) This really is the ultimate summertime NBA content. It’s literally a story about NBA players and a pool.

It does at least show that Cousins is getting along with guys on the Warriors so far, which is one of the major potential downsides to having him on a team that seems to be able to put aside personal issues to make magic on the court. Let’s hope things stay this way.