Ray Allen says opposing coaches used to call him ‘oh s—‘

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Ray Allen, and his impossibly pure stroke, is as good a three-point shooter as the game has ever seen. Opposing defenders could not leave him, and while he had a much better all-around game than some remember, even in his final couple seasons when some of the rest of it had faded the man was still going to knock it down from three if he had a sliver of space.

Which had opposing coaches reminding their players not to leave Allen in the funniest way possible. From Allen a day before he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, via MassLive. (Note: This video contains NSFW language, if you’re offended by this don’t watch… and you should probably stop reading now.)

“One of the biggest compliment I’ve received is some coaches used to call me ‘Oh s—.’ And if I was ever open on the floor, they used to say ‘oh s—, how did he get open?’”

I’m guessing Gregg Popovich uttered this once.