Ben Simmons responds to Twitter user making fun of his shooting


Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons took just eleven 3-pointers during his first full NBA season last year. As most of you know, Simmons did not make a single shot from beyond the arc.

Simmons’ shot form is not ideal, and it makes sense that he wasn’t exactly a gunner from deep after watching his college career. Still, that didn’t make Simmons an inefficient player for Philadelphia last season, and if he can develop any kind of range it will help space the Sixers offense.

His inability to shoot or make 3-pointers has become a bit of a meme on Twitter following former Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo (or his wife’s) alleged tweet telling him to, “Shoot a 3 you coward.” Fans are still going after Simmons during the offseason and now it appears that Simmons feels comfortable firing back. After one Twitter user strafed Simmons this week, the 76ers point forward responded.

Via Twitter:

I’m not sure how many 3-pointers we will see Simmons take next season, but if he is like most NBA players we should see some kind of on-court response — even if it’s minimal — given the amount of razzing Simmons has received online. NBA players these days seemingly can’t follow the No. 1 rule of the Internet: don’t read the comment section.