Report: 76ers interviewed David Griffin, but deemed him not good fit

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

From the moment the 76ers parted with Bryan Colangelo, David Griffin was the popular choice to run Philadelphia’s front office. Griffin built the Cavaliers 2016 title team. He’s well-regarded around the league. And after his contract wasn’t renewed in Cleveland, he’s available.

So, why hasn’t it happened?

Keith Pompey of The Inquirer:

This is the vision we’ve heard out of Philadelphia for a while now. The revelation is just how it applied to Griffin specifically.

Griffin has earned the right to wait for a job that suits him. Better for everyone to realize the fit was poor before he got hired.

This leaves the 76ers interviewing candidates – internal and external – who are far less accomplished than Griffin. Maybe that approach will work out better for Philadelphia, but it’s a drawback of insisting on collaboration, which alienates people – like Griffin – who’ve established the cachet to run the show.