Dwyane Wade drops in on local pickup hoop game, schools the guys

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Ever wonder what would happen if an NBA player just dropped in on your weekly pick-up game at the local middle school?

Yes, he would destroy all of you with minimal effort — and you would love every minute of it. After a recent workout, Dwyane Wade did just that, dropping in on a game, hitting fadeaways and having a blast. Hat tip to Swish Cultures.

First, early in the clip, you look at that guy lining up the three and you know he’s the guy at the pickup game who is going to drill that $%&# every time, somebody try to close out. After that, everyone wants their turn to guard and get schooled by him.

That looked like fun.

Does this mean Wade is coming back to the Heat next season? Nothing official yet, but I don’t think this is the level he wants to play on the rest of the way.