LeBron James makes surprise visit to unveil locker room at Queens high school (VIDEO)


LeBron James has been in the news this summer, and not just for his recent move to the Los Angeles Lakers. Along with his Lebron James Family Foundation, The King has been a magnet for media coverage as donations have clearly become part of James’s public relations campaign.

Coming on the heels of the LJFF’s helping to open a public school in Ohio, on Tuesday James showed up to help dedicate a new locker room at Christ the King high school in Queens, New York.

Via Twitter:

Christ the King is a Team LeBron School, meaning it gets its own custom jerseys and shoes in their colorways with LeBron branding.

James and Nike released the Christ the King colorway of the LeBron 3 after making the announcement of the locker room reveal, and it quickly sold out online.