Klay Thompson sports new look, muses about joining Big3


Klay Thompson has a very specific look. The Warriors shooting guard has sort of a sleepy disposition, not only with his facial expression but with how he is perceived in pop culture.

He’s also a bit of an everyman, so much so that a popular YouTuber was able to successfully dress up as him and convince some fans that he was in fact Thompson.

But if we have learned anything over the past few offseasons, it’s that the summer in the NBA definitely belongs to Klay. As such, it appears that Thompson has changed his look significantly. In a recent Instagram post, Thompson appeared with a full beard and a haircut that’s some kind of hybrid of early-2000s Justin Timberlake, Trae Young, and Pauly D from Jersey Shore.

Via Instagram:

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Future @thebig3 champs

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Looking back at Thompson’s Instagram it appears that he has been letting his lettuce grow since late August and we have finally reached the peak of what offseason play can look like.

More importantly, we really do need to consider whether Thompson could have a career in the Big3 after he retires and if the league still exist at that time. How long do you think that Thompson could play in the Big3? Twenty years? Sharpshooters that don’t have to do any fullcourt running are definitely at a premium in Ice Cube’s sports league.

To that specific end, it appeared that Carmelo Anthony wasn’t as pleased with Thompson’s caption as the Warriors guard was.

Anyway, it looks like the end of summer is going great for Thompson.