Stephen Jackson fires back at Walt Frazier for saying Durant should have asterisk with titles

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Knicks legend and broadcaster Walt “Clyde” Frazier spoke for a lot of fans recently, saying there should be an asterisk next to Kevin Durant‘s titles with the Warriors because he went to a team “that really didn’t need him.”

Stephen Jackson was having none of it and fired back hard at Frazier — even taking a shot at Clyde’s suits (there’s some NSFW language, be warned).

First, Frazier can pull off those suits, so he should wear them. He’s been an over-the-top dresser for more than 40 years, it’s who he is. Leave the suits out of it.

As for the asterisk, Jackson is spot on.

If you want to discount KD’s rings, then you open up another stupid line of logic: Now we’re adding a degree of difficulty rating to the already idiotic “count the ringzzzz” argument? Is Dirk Nowitzki‘s one ring worth three Magic Johnson rings because Magic played on a STACKED Lakers team? Bill Russell has 11 but his teams were by far the most talented for much of their ’60s run, so does that only really count for six or so? This is all just foolish. KD’s a champion, he went to play where he wanted to and he went to win. He earned the right to do it, he made his choice (and ratings are up before you tell me it’s killing the sport). I just don’t get the whole debate.