Ryan Anderson lowering guaranteed money to make trade to Suns reality

Associated Press

There’s been plenty of talk for 18 months about how the Rockets have wanted to get out from under the contract of Ryan Anderson, speaking about the stretch-four more as a contract than a person.

The reality: He is ready to move on from Houston, too. Anderson wants to be on a team where he gets run (he was squeezed out at the four last season with the Rockets) and where he’s wanted. That’s Phoenix, where the Suns have lined up a trade for him, and to make it happen he’s willing to risk nearly $6 million in guaranteed money. From Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Anderson will be the presumptive starter in Phoenix at the four, likely splitting time with Josh Jackson (who showed some promise at Summer League). Anderson will get a chance to prove himself as a guy who fits the modern NBA game on offense, who can get buckets, and who is a better defender than his reputation. Do that, and even if the Suns cut him loose Anderson will land on his feet.

Expect this trade to become official either later today, or early next week after the holiday weekend.