Report: Thunder stretching Kyle Singler; no longer on track to break luxury-tax record

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Thunder were on pace to break the 2014 Nets’ luxury-tax record of more than $90 million.

But Oklahoma City will trim its payroll by stretching Kyle Singler.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

This drops the Thunder’s impending luxury-tax bill by more than $19 million. Still, their luxury-tax bill based on today’s roster – nearly $74 million – would rank second all-time.

That said, the luxury tax isn’t assessed until the final day of the regular season. There’s plenty of time for Oklahoma City to alter its team salary, up or down.

The Thunder must still pay Singler’s remaining $4,996,000 salary over the next five years ($999,200 each year). Oklahoma City will barely miss the unproductive forward on the court, but for a team still in luxury-tax hell for years to come, that unmovable cap hit could be burdensome.