Thunder’s Steven Adams says he whips gross sweaty hair at opponents during games

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Steven Adams delights in making life miserable for opponents.

But I’m not sure we realized how far the Thunder center has gone to do that.

He took questions from kids at his camp, and it proved very informative.

Hamish McNeilly of Stuff:

One had asked Adams how sweaty his hair got during NBA games. The Oklahoma City Thunder player confirmed it got very sweaty and “it is real gross”.

However, when it was tied in a ponytail he used it to his own advantage, flicking the sweat-soaked hair at defenders.

“It whips them in the eye and they get really mad,” he said.

I bet they get really mad!

It’s not understood enough how gross it gets on NBA courts. Players are mostly used to it, but then here comes Adams pushing the envelope even further.

Going against him must be miserable, which is the point.