The coolest thing Manu Ginobili did on a basketball court (video)


Manu Ginobiliwho retired today — had a great career. He played with such flair, his creative ball-handling, passing and scoring producing numerous highlights. Many of his best plays came deep in the playoffs, as he helped the Spurs win four titles. And he was even more exciting in international competition, leading Argentina to the gold medal in the 2004 Olympics and bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics.

But my favorite moment of his career came early during the 2009-10 regular season.

A bat had gotten into San Antonio’s arena during a game against the Kings and was interrupting play. So, Ginobili took matters into his own hands. Or at least hand.

The hand-eye coordination! The force! The fearlessness!

Ginobili accomplished far more significant things in basketball. Again, four championships. But that bat swat was unprecedentedly special.