Kobe comeback? Not happening. Says he will “never come back to the game”

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It was the fever dream of a few delusional Lakers fans (fueled by Shaq) — the second star to play with LeBron James for the Lakers would be Kobe Bryant coming out of retirement.

It never made sense. Kobe physically couldn’t be the same player at the end of his career (everybody loved the 60 point farewell game, but it took him 50 shots to get there), plus Kobe had moved on and won carved out a post-career life for himself, even winning an Oscar. His wife came out and said he was not coming back (not to the Big3 either).

However, if none of that convinces you, maybe Kobe definitively shooting it down on the Rich Eisen Show will make it clear.

Just to be clear, he said he would “never come back to the game” and “I’m here to show people we (athletes) can do much more than that.”

Time to move on from the ridiculous Kobe rumors. There’s always Jimmy Butler to the Lakers rumors to feast on.