Ben Simmons getting buckets, dropping dimes at UCLA run

Getty Images

The UCLA run — put on by Rico Hines — is the hottest thing going in the basketball world right now. As it is every summer. Everyone comes out.

I mean EVERYONE. Like rumor-starting everyone.

That includes the Sixers Ben Simmons, the reigning Rookie of the Year, who can still get to the rim and still throw the smart pass like few others. Hat tip Home Team Hoops and Rico Hines.

He looks ready.

If the Sixers are going to truly challenge Boston this season (and, maybe, Toronto) they need Simmons to take a step forward with his game — specifically, become more of a threat with his jumper, he knocked down a couple in that video — plus have Markelle Fultz step up, Joel Embiid find a new level, and the role players to do their jobs efficiently.

Simmons looks sharp, but we’ll see how he looks against non-pickup defenses in a couple of months.