Jayson Tatum on Markelle Fultz: ‘We’re really best friends off the court’

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With LeBron James now in the Western Conference with the Los Angeles Lakers, the time has come for the young guns out East to finally move up the ladder. There are several teams with excellent young talent waiting in the wings, and although we often see disparaging remarks on social media about the lesser conference, the East will be interesting to watch for years to come thanks to developing talent.

Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum and Philadelphia 76ers point guard Markelle Fultz are just two of the players folks around the league have their eyes on. Given that they were taken in the same draft in 2017, it’s likely they will always be paired together in the eyes of fans.

Tatum is intimately aware of that fact, and addressed it in a recent interview on Boston.com. Specifically, the Celtics star said that he and Fultz do not hold anything against each other, and in fact are good friends. In addition, Tatum says he likes to razz Sixers big man Joel Embiid.

Via Boston.com:

“Sometimes we talk trash,” Tatum said. “I like to remind Joel that we beat him 4-1.”

“People try to make us be enemies by how we got drafted, but we don’t care about that,” said Tatum, who was drafted two spots behind Fultz. “There’s no animosity between me and him. We’re really best friends off the court.”

No doubt Tatum and Fultz will remain enemies when the two meet on a basketball floor during the regular season (and beyond).

The Celtics and 76ers will square off during the first game of the year on October 16th.