Andre Iguodala: Stephen Curry ‘has pretty much been the GM, so I want to be on his good side when my contract’s up’

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The Warriors will soon get extremely expensive.

Stephen Curry is already on a super-max contract. Klay Thompson (next summer) and Draymond Green (following summer) will be up for big raises. Kevin Durant might eventually decide to stop taking discounts. And Golden State is on track to pay the repeater luxury tax in 2019-20.

Where does that leave Andre Iguodala, whose contract expires in 2020?


That might be news to Green, who has positioned himself as Golden State’s lead recruiter. But given his own contract demands, Green might price himself off the Warriors (unless Durant leaves first).

Curry has staying power.

Though Iguodala is having fun with it, there might be some seriousness behind his words. He knows how the league works. When Golden State was pursuing Durant, Iguodala knew that might make him expendable. When he was a free agent last summer, Iguodala leveraged the biggest deal he could get from Golden State.

Iguodala will turn 36 before his next free agency. He has probably already received his last huge NBA contract. But when it comes to determining how much pay Iguodala in 2020, don’t you think the Warriors will want to keep Curry happy?