USA Basketball statement tries to put positive spin on NCAA’s rules announcement

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The response around the NBA has been lukewarm to the announcement of new NCAA rules on agents, player visits, and the ability of a few players to return to college after going undrafted. While a few things were obvious and welcome, the NBA and USA Basketball were caught off guard by the announcement, which they thought were still under negotiation (and there was not a rush because it will be at least 2021 and probably 2022). A lot of details are yet to be worked out.

USA Basketball released a statement to Shams Charania of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports that was carefully bland.

The bottom line on all this is the NCAA jumped the gun to try to get a public relations win.

The details of this — starting with what high school players are “elite” and who gets to decide that — are far from settled. Negotiations are still going to take place, with the NBA and its players’ union at the forefront of determining how this will work. The NCAA will not get to dictate how this will all go down.

This announcement by the NCAA doubled-down on a flawed amateurism model, and until that changes the system will still be filled with “illicit” money and exploitation.