Magic reveal throwback uniforms

Jonathan Daniel /Allsport

From their inception, the Magic created a distinctive look with their pinstripes uniforms. When they’ve maintained that key feature, their uniforms have been pretty good. When they’ve strayed from it, their uniforms have suffered.

Next season, Orlando will go back toward its original look with alternate uniforms.

John Denton of the Magic:

Also, the Magic will occasionally don blue, pinstriped uniforms that closely resemble the ones worn from 1994-98. In addition to featuring the thinly spaced pinstripes that were used in the original 1989-90 uniforms, this season’s jerseys will sport “Orlando’’ in familiar script across the chest. The `a’ in Orlando will once again be replaced by a Magic-themed silver star. Also, the numbers will be in a distinctive script used years ago by the Magic.

The waistline of the shorts will be trimmed in black and white and in the center will feature another classic Magic logo with silver stars dotting the `i’ and replacing the `a.’ Also making a return: The large, eye-catching silver stars on each side of the shorts.

These aren’t incredibly different from Orlando’s current blue uniforms. But they’re different enough to sell jerseys and, considering Shaq-Penny nostalgia, create a cool look.