LeBron James works out with Lakers for first time


We got our first look at LeBron James in his new Los Angeles Lakers digs yesterday. They looked … sort of weird.

Maybe it was simply seeing LeBron in a Lakers jersey? Or perhaps it was because of the retro feel of the new Los Angeles kits? Either way, the reality is that LeBron is now a member of the Lakers and eventually we will all have to get used to it.

Still, it’s a novelty to see James doing his thing out in LA at this juncture in the game. Knowing as much, and wanting to get their fans amped up for the coming season, the Lakers organization released a video on Thursday that showed LeBron’s first workout in the purple and gold.

The video itself isn’t anything special: It’s LeBron doing what he does, breaking down guys from the mid-post and shooting fadeaway jumpers. He certainly worked up a sweat, and no doubt we can see that James is in shape given the work ethic that he has.

James playing for the Lakers makes sense. It’s also completely odd. I wonder how long it will take me to fully accept this new reality.