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Report: Knicks to trade or stretch Joakim Noah


The Knicks – even after firing Jeff Hornacek and hiring David Fizdale – planned to stretch Joakim Noah after Sept. 1.

Apparently nothing changed this summer.

Adrian Wojnarowski and Ian Begley of ESPN:

Unless general manager Scott Perry can find a trade that includes Noah, the Knicks will use the NBA’s waive-and-stretch provision to release Noah sometime after Sept. 1, league sources said.

The Knicks almost certainly won’t trade Noah, who’s guaranteed $18,530,000 next season and $19,295,000 the following season. He has arguably the NBA’s worst contract, and New York would have to attach significant sweeteners to unload him.

That leaves the stretch provision.

By executing it after September begins, the Knicks would pay his entire $18,530,000 salary this season. Better to get that out of the way during what projects to be a down year with Kristaps Porzingis hurt and the rest of the roster lacking.

Then, the $19,295,000 remaining on Noah’s contract would get spread over the following three seasons in equal $6,431,667 cap hits. New York would open an extra $12,863,333 in cap space next summer (minus a roster charge if the Knicks have fewer than 12 players).

That $12 million-ish could go a long way in free agency. The Knicks offer a huge market and a rising team, they’d appeal to many players.

But the Knicks could get this same benefit next summer. They could wait until they line up free agents who require that extra cap space then stretch Noah. By delaying, New York would also leave open the possibility of trading Noah.

If free agents forgo the Knicks next summer, New York could also decide just to pay Noah his entire salary in 2019-20 and get it over with rather than incurring unmovable $6,431,667 cap hits in each 2020-21 and 2021-22.

So, why stretch him this offseason? It’s mostly a huge favor to Noah. He wants to play, and the 33-year-old doesn’t fit the Knicks’ rebuild. This allows him to find his next team before the season.

It also removes a potential malcontent from the locker room (though New York could just tell him to stay home) and opens a roster spot.

Ultimately, the Knicks are mandating they put their 2019 cap space to better use than they could in 2020 and 2021 – nearly a year before they must make that call.

PBT Podcast: Lakers’ talk with Eric Pincus (plus Butler, Carmelo news)

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Jimmy Butler is in Philadelphia.

Carmelo Anthony is in Houston, but not for much longer.

And the Lakers have Tyson Chandler and a three-game winning streak — there is never a dull moment in the NBA. Kurt Helin of NBC Sports welcomes in Eric Pincus, who covers the Lakers for Bleacher Report plus is a salary cap expert you have seen on NBA TV, to talk about it all. The pair talk about what the Sixers need to do next to capitalize on their window with Butler, are there landing spots for Carmelo Anthony, and then a deep dive on the Lakers: What is the team doing right? Does Lonzo Ball fit with LeBron James? What about Brandon Ingram? And who is the next big star the Lakers will be able to add to their mix?

We want your questions for the podcast, and your comments, email us at As always, you can check out the podcast below, listen and subscribe via iTunes at, subscribe via the fantastic Stitcher app, check us out on Google play, or check out the NBC Sports Podcast homepage and archive at Art19.

Report: Markelle Fultz and Drew Hanlen no longer speaking, let alone working together

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Markelle Fultz has had few more vocal backers than Drew Hanlen, who trained the 76ers guard over the offseason.

Hanlen said Fultz would be an All-Star this season if 100%. With Fultz still struggling to shoot, Hanlen said Fultz wasn’t fully healthy.

But Fultz contradicted that, calling himself generally healthy. Fultz also rebuffed Hanlen’s assertion Fultz had the yips, as Fultz stressed his problems were due to injury.

Apparently, they became even more divided.

Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype:

Hanlen brought himself plenty of fame through his work with Fultz. This moves Hanlen back closer to the anonymity of most trainers.

More importantly, it suggests Fultz needs yet another plan for fixing his shooting form.

Rumor: Lakers not signing Carmelo Anthony

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Many in Houston are convinced Carmelo Anthony is done with the Rockets.

If so, where will he play next?

Like when he was a free agent just a few months ago, speculation has centered on teams with his banana-boat buddies. Chris Paul and the Rockets already tried. But LeBron James‘ Lakers and Dwyane Wade‘s Heat seem viable.

Marc J. Spears on ESPN:

I am hearing that not the Lakers. I think the Lakers are done.

The Lakers already have scoring power forwards in Kyle Kuzma and Michael Beasley, and LeBron can obviously play that position. I’d rather have the incumbents than Anthony.

So how about Miami? Wade has been Anthony’s most outspoken backer, after all. But the Heat also have a superior offensive power forward in Kelly Olynyk, and Justise Winslow and Derrick Jones Jr. provide a fair amount of depth at the position.

Really, this is probably the wrong conversation. Maybe there is a bad team or two with a deficiency so glaring, Anthony is worth a roll of the dice. But he might just be finished as an NBA player, regardless of the fit.

Kevin Durant argues with Draymond Green after failed final shot attempt

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The Clippers had been in control of the game against the Warriors, up 11 midway through the fourth quarter, but that’s when the run everyone had been waiting on came. The Warriors closed the gap behind Klay Thompson becoming a tough shot maker, and when Lou Williams missed a tough fade-away long two with :06 seconds left, Golden State had the chance to escape with a win.

Draymond Green got the rebound. Kevin Durant was clapping his hands calling for the ball. No timeout to set up a play was called, and Green decided to do it all himself, pushed the ball upcourt and… fumbled it away without a shot.

Durant was pissed on the bench after that.

Here are some better looks, notice Andre Iguodala and DeMarcus Cousins were the peacemakers.

After the game, Durant — who fouled out in overtime — left without speaking to the media. Green refused to discuss it.

It’s a long season, these kinds of spats happen to every team, and the Warriors will get over it. This is not the first family squabble they have had. But this just feels like one to file away in the memory bank and recall next July when decisions will be made about the future of this roster.