Report: Charles Oakley tried to cheat three times at casino

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Charles Oakley was arrested for gambling fraud last month. The Former Knicks/Bulls/Raptors/Wizards/Rockets forward reportedly removed a chip from the table of a Las Vegas casino once he realized he’d lose his bet.

But this wasn’t just a momentary indiscretion.


Charles Oakley didn’t just try to pull a fast one over a Vegas casino — he tried to cheat 3 TIMES during a round of Ultimate Texas Hold’Em … TMZ Sports has learned.

During the first hand, Oakley started off strong … with a pair of 4s. But the dealer ended up with a winning hand, 2 pair. When Oakley realized he was gonna lose, he allegedly pulled back a $100 chip from his bet.

Later on during the gambling session, Oakley had a monster hand — 3 of a kind — and this time, officials say he secretly ADDED chips to his bet on 2 different occasions during the hand, thereby increasing his payout by $125.

Oakley’s charge was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. But did he really think he’d get away with this? What was he thinking?