Jason Kidd expresses interest in coaching Warriors after Steve Kerr

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Update: Kidd released a statement:

“I’d like to clarify that my comments about coaching the Warriors were taken out of context as I was making a joke during the interview. The Warriors have a great coach in Steve Kerr.”

I don’t think anyone took his comment about the Warriors as an ultra-serious reflection of his career plans. But in case you did, here you go.


Jason Kidd always seems to be thinking about his next job.

Kidd – who coached the Nets and Bucks after a Hall of Fame playing career – grew up in the Bay Area, and he’s interested in returning.

Kidd, via Yahoo:

One day, I’ll come back and hopefully coach in the Bay Area. This has always been home. And so hopefully maybe in high school, maybe in college. Or maybe if Steve Kerr ever decides to stop coaching, I can maybe help out with the Warriors one day.

Who wouldn’t want to coach the Warriors? Even if it’s after Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson are done, they’ve built a prestige for the organization that should last. Strong ownership and management should remain.

Thankfully for Golden State, Kerr should also be there a long time.