Steven Adams throws shade at former teammate Reggie Jackson in new book

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With Dennis Schroder in Oklahoma City next season, the Thunder have a shot creator on the second unit that could help them considerably — if Schroder accepts that role. Going from starter to playing whatever minutes Russell Westbrook isn’t on the court is a shock to the system. Not everyone adjusts well (and Schroder doesn’t exactly have the reputation around the league as the best teammate already).

The Thunder have been here before.

At least according to center Steven Adams, who in his new book throws some shade at former Thunder point guard (now Pistons guard) Reggie Jackson. (Hat time ThunderChats and Bleacher Report).


NBA players are competitors, but most also recognize the pecking order — they think they should be higher up on it, but they get it. Russell Westbrook is on top of the pecking order for good reason. I’m sure Jackson will deny this, but what Adams writes is what he and teammates thought. That’s damning.

Jackson has battled injury and never quite fit in as Stan Van Gundy had hoped in Detroit. We’ll see if Dwane Casey running an offense more focused around Blake Griffin fares better. Or, maybe someday Griffin’s tell-all biography will be filled with more Jackson anecdotes.