It’s not just LeBron: Derrick Rose start scholarship fund, other players do back-to-school charity work

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LeBron James deserves every bit of praise coming his way for the “I Promise” school in Akron. While politicians — and worse yet, news channel talking heads — try to find ways to inflame and divide, LeBron donated tens of millions of this own money to help the neediest in his hometown (that’s on top of the $41 million he promised a few years back to help local children pay for college). He put his money where his mouth was to help children on the ground.

LeBron, however, is not alone.

In the wake of LeBron’s generous announcement, several other NBA player school/youth related programs came to light. Derrick Rose was at the forefront of that.

Like LeBron, this is not a one-time thing for Rose either.

Two Notre Dame alums are helping out in South Bend.

And others have been inspired as well by LeBron.

NBA players are not saints, they are flawed like the rest of us. A lot of them do things they regretted, just like the rest of us. But a lot of them, far more than gets mentioned by the media, give back and try to help out in their communities. For many it isn’t about the tax write-off or the publicity, it’s about doing the right thing. That should get noticed, too.