LeBron James won’t rule out returning to Cavaliers again

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

While playing for the Heat in 2012, LeBron James said he’d consider returning to the Cavaliers. It seemed far-fetched at the time, lip service to Cleveland. But he of course signed with the Cavs again a couple years later.

So, I’m listening when LeBron – who just signed a four-year contract with the Lakers – makes similar comments now.

Tom Withers of the Associated Press:

As far as basketball, the 33-year-old superstar said the decision to leave Cleveland again was difficult, but he didn’t rule out a second homecoming with the Cavaliers.

“Listen, I don’t close the chapter on anything or close the book on anything,” James said when asked if he would return to Cleveland to end his career. “But hopefully I can sit there one day and watch my jersey go up into the rafters, that’s for sure.”

I doubt LeBron returns to Cleveland again. He already got nearly everything he wanted out of his second Cavaliers tenure.

But I never expected him to return the first time.

He clearly cares about Northeast Ohio, and he’ll always have a connection to that area. I just think he can maintain that connection while playing in Los Angeles. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert already said the team would retire his number. Cleveland fans don’t resent him the same way they did in 2010, when he left for Miami. There seems to be much more closure this time.

But as long as LeBron says the door is open, we should at least listen.