76ers advisor Jerry Colangelo: Bryan Colangelo lost job over ‘nothing that he did’

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The 76ers determined disgraced team president Bryan Colangelo carelessly and recklessly handled sensitive club information.

Yes, his wife, Barbara Bottini, admitted to running the burner-Twitter accounts at the center of the scandal. Yes, Colangelo denied sharing private information with her. Yes, there’s still plenty we don’t know about the saga.

But Philadelphia’s determination on Colangelo, who exit was called a resignation, was clear in this regard: He was “careless” and “reckless.”

Jerry Colangelo – an advisor to 76ers owner Josh Harris – isn’t towing the company line, though. He’s sticking up for his son – and himself.

SiriusXM NBA Radio:



It’s been a tough year for Bryan under the circumstances, to lose a job over something – or nothing that he did. And that is unfortunate.

In that clip, Jerry insists he had nothing to do with Bryan getting hired as team president. Fairly or not, nobody will believe that.

These latest comments make it even harder to believe. The same guy who’s working for the 76ers while publicly disagreeing with them about his son’s ouster completely stayed out of the hiring process as it pertained to Bryan?

The 76ers are clearly ready to move on, and they have Jerry is just riding out his contract until it expires at the turn of the calendar year. But will they just allow him to remain on the payroll continue to disparage them until then?