Nick Young, of all people, says on-court NBA fashion is getting too out of hand


Nick Young has worn some pretty crazy basketball shoes while playing in NBA games. Many of them have not been explicitly made for the purpose of basketball.

In fact, just a few years ago Young made waves when he wore a lifestyle shoe from Jordan. The Jordan Futures, if you aren’t familiar with them, are insanely comfortable but essentially woven socks. Nevertheless, Young still wore them and grab some headlines while doing so.

Young also has worn expensive shoes that many wouldn’t dare put on dirty pavement, much less submit to hours of sweat and potential scraping from 240-pound NBA players. Young was one of the first players to wear sneakers designed by Kanye West in an NBA game, and he has continued to do so as of late.

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Even with all of that context, it appears that Young disagrees with a recent decision by Kanye himself to start creating basketball shoes for Adidas.

The information came via West’s Twitter account (where else?)aAnd it appears that in addition to his normal line of streetwear and high fashion sneakers, Kanye will include some basketball models. At least, that’s what he says.

Didn’t sit right with Young, who apparently was miffed by the idea that NBA players are trying to do too much when it comes to on-court fashion.

The real question is whether Young will consider shoes designed by West explicitly for the purpose of basketball to be superfluous to his idea of “just hooping and working”.

It’s Nick Young, so I suppose this could go either way. He might end up wearing those Kanyes next year, or we could see him in a nice wingtip. You never know.

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