LeBron/Lakers intro to “Friends” theme is brilliant

Getty Images

We’ve all had the same reaction: Great job by Magic Johnson and the Lakers getting LeBron James to come, but after that… things got weird. Yes, the odd signings are all one-year contracts that leave them in the hunt for the superstar to pair with LeBron (the most important thing), but still.

Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo, Michael Beasley, and JaVale McGee. (Stephenson is the real head-scratcher.) I do not envy Luke Walton.

The people at Spun put together a new Lakers’ intro to the “Friends” theme and it’s brilliant.

Well played, Spun.

By the way, the toughness/shot creation spin by the Lakers is amusing. They did not stock up on good defenders (Rondo and Stephenson are past their sell-by date on that end) and the lack of shooting is going to make things crowded when they try to post LeBron. This is not a great roster. Good, but not great. Which is fine — it was built for flexibility to get the next star — but some Lakers’ fans may be expecting too much. This is not going to be a “Friends” level hit. Hopefully, it turns out better than “Joey.”