LeBron James puts on a dunk expo before son’s basketball game (VIDEO)


LeBron James is having a pretty good summer. He got his wish, and is heading to the Los Angeles Lakers. Meanwhile, he is spending a considerable portion of his offseason just hanging out with his son’s basketball team.

LeBron has popped up in videos on social media lately, acting as the doting father while giving basketball advice to not only his son but to his teammates as well.

As if that wasn’t special enough for most people in attendance, on Saturday LeBron decided to amp things up by putting on a pregame warm-up ceremony before that included some high-flying dunks.

Imagine walking into your middle schooler’s basketball game and seeing this:

If Kyrie Irving’s “Uncle Drew” has taught me anything, it’s that the next time we see a LeBron James Jr. game on social media we might see the big man himself dressed down to try to trick folks into thinking he is an indomitable 13-year-old.

It really begs the question: how many junior high kids do you think it would take to stop LeBron James from scoring on every possession?

Man, summer is already too long. I’m going stir-crazy.

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