Kevin Durant to C.J. McCollum after Trail Blazer guard makes absurd gang-fight analogy: ‘I just did your f—in podcast. Snakes in the grass’

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Warriors star Kevin Durant laughed off the Trail Blazers’ championship hopes on C.J. McCollum‘s own podcast. It was light teasing crossed with competitiveness.

Now, their back-and-forth is escalating.



It’s not that serious. Durant left one job for another when his contract expired. His former Thunder teammates were coworkers, not necessarily like family. He didn’t owe Oklahoma City unending loyalty. He did his job – extremely well – then moved on.

That said, players often bond together in a way many coworkers don’t. That’s why the wait-two-months part seems to have particularly bothered Durant. He made a concerted effort to distance himself from Russell Westbrook and the Thunder while weighing his options in free agency. Draymond Green‘s recruitment of Durant during the season bothered Oklahoma City players, but Durant seemed to have properly compartmentalized it.

I don’t blame Durant one bit for resenting McCollum’s tweet. And if Durant wants to share his displeasure publicly, he should do so.