Lonzo Ball to have surgery on his knee next Tuesday

Associated Press

This was expected when it was announced Lonzo Ball had torn the meniscus in his left knee:

He will need surgery.

It is happening next Tuesday, the team announced.

While we’re still short details, Ball should be fully recovered and ready to go by training camp. Most likely he will have the meniscus repaired rather than removed (which is what surgeons prefer to do).

All this really means is it will be difficult to trade Ball before he gets back on the court and looks right (some teams might have considered taking him as a sweetener in a salary-dump trade of Luol Deng). Some in the Lakers’ organization think people around Ball leaked it for that reason, to keep him in L.A.

The Lakers sent Ball messages this summer — they went out and signed Rajon Rondo and then Magic Johnson said this about Josh Hart at Summer League:

Those are shots across the bow of Lonzo and Lavar Ball — Lonzo must earn his starting job, it is not a birthright. There are legit challengers for his minutes, and he’s not been so good that an off-the-court annoyance will be ignored.

Ball averaged 10.2 points and 7.2 assists per game last season and made the NBA All-Rookie second team. This summer he had been working hard on his conditioning and jumper. We will see how his knee and those shots look come the start of camp.