Report: Rockets offered Clint Capela $85M-$90M over five years

Tim Warner/Getty Images

According to one report, the Rockets offered Clint Capela about $53 million over four years. According to another, it was about $60 million over four years.

According to a third report…

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle:

That’s a lot of money, but Capela’s production might be worth even more to Houston. He complements James Harden and Chris Paul so well as a lob finisher, and Capela is an excellent rim protector and fit in the Rockets’ switching scheme.

But he’s a restricted free agent, and there is no obvious team to press Houston with an offer sheet. So, the Rockets have leverage.

Then again, so does Capela. He could accept his qualifying offer, become an unrestricted free agent next summer and unilaterally leave Houston.

These situations tend to result in lengthy standoffs – with plenty of leaks as both sides try to gain an upper hand. It’s not always clear which of these reports are accurate, but both sides want to present themselves as being reasonable and the other side as being too difficult. This is obviously the Rockets’ attempt.