The way LeBron James told the Lakers he was signing with them was sort of anti-climactic


LeBron James is officially a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, and now we can all speculate about what the rest of the roster around him will produce on the floor in the coming season.

Photos of James signing the contract made the rounds yesterday, and now the Lakers are on the PR tour. You wouldn’t think a guy like LeBron would need that in a city like LA, but here we are.

Speaking on Spectrum SN in Los Angeles, President of Basketball operations Magic Johnson said that he was surprised by how much LeBron knew about the players currently on the Lakers roster. He also said that he talked to him about who LA should sign moving forward.

Meanwhile, the thing that really stuck out to me was what GM Rob Pelinka said about James notifying the team of his decision.

Apparently, it was just a one-word text from LeBron’s agency with some emojis.

Via Twitter:


That’s it?

Look, “Congrats” is the text you send to two friends when they start officially dating each other, or when someone you know eats a 96 oz. steak during one of those “eat it all and get it for free” challenges without barfing.

Landing who is perhaps the best NBA player to ever walk the earth is not really in that category. I’m not sure what I would expect LeBron’s agency to send in that scenario, but I wouldn’t take anything under the two fist bumps and three flame emojis.

Get ready for the Lakeshow.