Report: Cavaliers looking to trade Kyle Korver

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

What the Cavaliers do with Kevin Love, more than any other player, will determine their post-LeBron James direction. There are mixed signals about Love’s future in Cleveland.

But perhaps the Cavs are willing to take a smaller step back by dealing Kyle Korver.

Terry Pluto of The Plain Dealer:

I hear the Cavs are looking to move Korver.

Korver is due $7.56 million next season, and $3.44 million of his $7.5 million salary the following season is guaranteed. He’s a great 3-point shooter, but his defense – which tops out as passable in a team concept – becomes a liability when opponents target him the playoffs. At 37, he’s likely to decline further defensive and maybe even lose ability to gain separation as a shooter.

There will never be a better time to trade him for value.

And if the Cavaliers trade Korver, it’ll make it even harder for them to win satisfactorily with Love – which should prompt them to shop Love, too.