Report: Dwight Howard wants to change his reputation

AP Photo/Nell Redmond

The three stages of Dwight Howard during the journeyman phase of his career:

1. Howard joins a new team.

2. Redemption stories get told.

3. Howard departs and his teammates celebrate his exit.

Howard joining the Wizards is Step 1. So, we’re onto Step 2.

Chris Miller of NBC Sports Washington:

From what I’ve been told by a source, he wants to change the narrative on him, what people perceive of him.

I believe Howard wants to change perception of him.

But I’m hardly convinced he grasps how to actually do it. He’s 32-year-old and still displays immaturity and grating behavior. Habits are hard to break.

Good luck to him and Washington, though. He at least deserves a chance to back this up.