Report: Cavaliers actually open to trading Kevin Love

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Cavaliers put out word they wouldn’t trade Kevin Love, whether or not LeBron James stayed in Cleveland.

But with LeBron joining the Lakers…

Jason Lloyd of The Athletic:

Despite insistence from the organization that they are not interested in trading Love, multiple sources from around the league insist they are indeed open to moving him.

The Cavs should explore trading Love. He’ll turn 30 before the season, and he’d make more sense on a team ready to win.

I doubt that’s the Cavaliers, though they might delusionally try to win now, anyway. That’s what they did last time LeBron left.

Love’s trade value is questionable. The Nuggets valued him highly last summer, but they’ve since signed another star power forward in Paul Millsap. And Love, a year older, is due $24,119,025 next season and holds a $25,595,700 player option for the following year.

The Cavs’ return might not be great. But they owe the Hawks a top-10-protected first-round pick either of the next two years. Love could easily put Cleveland in the wort possible range – missing the playoffs and conveying a late lottery pick. The Cavaliers must consider that when weighing a trade.