Thibodeau reportedly bringing Derrick Rose back to Timberwolves on one-year deal

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In NBA free agency, there really are no terrible one-year contracts. Well, unless you’re Tyus Jones in Minnesota and you just want some playing time.

Tom Thibodeau loves his veterans and is loyal, and he is running it back with Derrick Rose for one more year, according to multiple reports.

For Rose, this is a much bigger financial deal than just his salary.

Rose played nine games and a total of 112 minutes for the Timberwolves, scoring 5.8 points a game when he did get on the court. When he was on the court, he played as more of a two-guard, off the ball next to Jones (who should get more run) and he had a couple of good games (against Houston and Memphis) and some disastrous ones as well. In the playoffs he shot 50.9 percent, hit 7-of-10 from three and was at the very worst solid.

That’s not to say there are no issues. He’s had series of injuries (he missed six games with Minnesota after a sprained ankle) and the fact he left his team in the middle of both of the past seasons to attend to personal matters.

With Jamal Crawford likely gone as a free agent, Rose may absorb some of his minutes, but he is not the scorer Crawford is. Can Rose sustain what he showed in the playoffs? I seriously doubt it. Will Tom Thibodeau keep playing him anyway? Probably. If that starts to take away minutes from more effective and efficient players, that’s not good.

But one year at basically the minimum, that’s not a bad deal, either.