DeAndre Jordan reportedly agrees to one-year contract with Mavericks

Getty Images

They mean it this time. It’s going to happen.

DeAndre Jordan is going to be a Dallas Maverick. No team meetings or chairs on doors will get in the way this time.

Jordan himself has sort of confirmed via emoji.

As noted, this is not a surprise, the two sides have been working toward this for weeks.

This works for both sides. Jordan is the kind of big the Mavs have wanted — one of best rim protectors on defense in the league. On offense, he’s a rim runner who is strong when paired with a strong pick-and-roll ball handler and Dallas has Dennis Smith Jr. and now Luka Doncic. This could be something that really fits and Dallas looks like a playoff threat in the West.

For Jordan, he gets to raise his stock, then hit the free agent market again next year.