NBA sets new salary cap level at $101.869 million for 2018-19 season

NBA players back out
Associated Press

This is right about where the league had said it would land. This is what teams expected.

The NBA has closed the books on the 2017-18 season, which allows it to set the salary cap for next season and here are the numbers:

• $101.869 million salary cap
• $123.733 million luxury tax line
• $91.682 million is the salary floor (teams must spend that much)
• $8.641 million non-taxpayer mid-level exception
• $5.337 million taxpayer mid-level exception
• $4.449 million room exception

That is up from the $99.093 million salary cap for this past season.

This all falls in line with the expected numbers and a tight free agent market this year with teams not having money to spend. Expect the summer of 2019 to be different as the drunken sailor spending spree contracts of 2016 come off the books and the salary cap takes a little leap.