This tattoo of the famous Dwyane Wade and LeBron alley-oop is incredible (PHOTO)


When you think of iconic images from the NBA over the last decade, Dwyane Wade‘s alley-oop to LeBron James in December of 2010 immediately comes to mind.

You don’t even need to describe it to remind people of what it looks like, particularly of the baseline angle shot by Morry Gash.

You know the one.

It’s the photo that Wade recently said it was the only one he wanted hanging in his house after his career was over, complete with a LeBron signature on it.

That image was also recently tattooed on a fan’s skin, and incredible detail. According to the artist, it took 21 hours to complete, which makes sense given the amount of coloring and shading done.

Via Instagram:

That’s a great moment to memorialize and top notch execution.