Kevin Durant reminds everyone he’s going nowhere

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“Why don’t players care more about winning? That’s all Jordan and Kobe cared about, why don’t today’s players put everything toward getting a ring like those guys?”

“How dare Kevin Durant take the easy way to a ring by joining a powerhouse team. That’s not what Jordan or Kobe would have done.”

Welcome to the Catch-22 of being Durant. He did what we ask of stars — prioritize winning even if that means sacrificing point totals/numbers, plus he also took less money to help the team keep key role players — yet he’s vilified for it in some dark corners of the Internet. Or on national television.

It led to some attention seekers calling for him to leave the Warriors — go someplace that is “his team” that he could lead to contention to somehow improve his reputation in their eyes. It was always idiotic, but this is the NBA’s silly season, where rumors drive the car and logic is left standing on the curb. Somehow the idea Durant might bolt became a thing.

Durant shot that down — again — at the team’s parade through Oakland (as the Warriors teammates and management clearly teased him about it).

Warriors’ GM Bob Myers made it clear KD can set his price this summer and they will pay it — as they should. He is the two-time Finals MVP and a top three player on the planet (and top three seems low). Durant is what makes the Warriors a juggernaut. He came to Golden State to have fun playing and to win, and both those things are happening. So he would leave that because…

Well, because saying he should draws more eyeballs/ears.