Eagles’ QB Carson Wentz “absolutely” will help recruit LeBron James to Philly if asked

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If you’re recruiting LeBron James, you need the pitch to end all pitches. Sure, the decision ultimately will come down to a mix of the ability to contend for a title and lifestyle (and max money, but that’s a given), however you can be sure the actual pitches for LeBron will include virtual reality, celebrities, and a bear riding a bicycle, if that will help.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz — not the guy that just won the Super Bowl, the other one — said at the Eagles facility that he will do his part if asked.

This is not the first time Wentz has been tied to a little LeBron recruitment.

Pulling out the Tom Brady card a couple of years ago didn’t help the Celtics win the Kevin Durant sweepstakes, and Wentz isn’t going to win the LeBron version for Philly. But it doesn’t hurt.